Pon Vilaiyum Bhoomi is brought out by Doordharshan Agriculture for the benefit of farmers in Tamil Nadu. Following are the excerpts of 14/07/2015 edition. To get more details, please watch the video.


Mathi Yosichenga (Thought Differently)

This section talks about a successful farmer who planted Cocoa as an intercrop in coconut cultivation under NHM Scheme. The smiling farmer is Mr. T. Muthulingam from Arasampatti Village, Pochampalli Taluk, Krishnagiri District.
He may be contacted at 94432-54223.


Velan Aalosanai Neram (Agricultural Advisory)

Paddy Varieties:

Suitable paddy varieties for farmers in Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Thiruvaroor districts:
ATT-36, TKM-9, IR-50, IR-64, ATT-37, AST-16, AST-18, MDU-5, ATT(R)-45, TRY(R)-2, ATTRH-1 AND ATT(R)-47
For more information please contact the nearest Agriculture Office.

Banana Varieties:

  1. Suitable Banana varieties for export are Robusta, KO1, Matti, Sanna Sengathali and Cavendish.
  2. Suitable Banana varieties for unripe use are Monthan, Nenthiran, Vayal Vaazhai and Saambal Monthan.
  3. Suitable Banan Varieties for mountainous region are Virupaatchi, Sirumalai, Sevaazhai, Manoranjitham, Arga Aruna, Namarai and Laadan. Especially those who are planning to June, July cultivation should prefer Sirumalai variety.

Carnation Flower Varieties:

Suitable Red Carnation flower varieties are Domingo, Master, Gaudina, Big Red, Taureg, Guapo and Aicardii.


This edition talks about the rates in Ooty Uzhavar Sandhai


This edition talks about the general weather report for Cauvery Delta region and the forecast for farmers and fishermen.


Lot of important information on crop management strategies shared by
Dr. K. Velayutham,
Director – Crop Management,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
He can be contacted at 94890-56703.

Have a successful farming!