Agriculture is the backbone of India and it is the only sustainable means to feed the growing population. Read about the silent revolution in thinking our youth has brought out! Today it might be small but this initiative is definitely going to grow.

Harish Srinivasan, just 29 years old, after reading Vairamuthu’s book Moondraam Ulaga Por founded an informal group called as The Weekend Agriculturist to offer free farm labour to small farmers during weekends. The members of the group work are people who work in companies, hospitals and the like. There are 5000 volunteers in the Facebook group. They are also working a mobile app for easy registration and organizing events.


During Weekends they offer their labour to small farmers and they also bring in consultants to offer advisory to farmers. The volunteers themselves bear the cost of travel and the farm labour is offered at free of cost. They also spread the benefits of organic farming. The volunteers also buy agricultural produce from farmers at fair price.

Those who want to help small farmers and take care of their health by inhaling fresh air and do some fitness regime at the fields, please register in the Facebook group The Weekend Agriculturist.