Amazing Health Benefits of Jamun Fruit


  • Jamun is referred to as the ‘Fruit of Gods’ and has multiple benefits.
  • Jamun is the Miracle Fruit for Diabetics.
  • Jamun is a popular indigenous fruit Of India.
  • Jamun seeds are used as a great healing medication for diabetics.
  • Jamun vinegar is good to reduce the enlargement of spleen, diarrhoea, and who has urine retention problems.

Black Jamun is also known as Jambool, Black Plum or Java Plum. The Black Jamun tree is an evergreen tree that grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions globally. It is an important minor crop in India, where it grows abundantly. This plant is native to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and also Philippines and Indonesia. It is scientifically known as Syzygium cumini. The crop has migrated to places such as Florida, Trinidad-Tobago, some African countries as well.
Grown in India: It is widely cultivated in large parts of India, from the Indo-Gangetic plain in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south. Jamuns can be grown under tropical and subtropical climate. This variety ripens in June-July, which is very common in rural and urban markets. In Tamil, it is called as “Naval Pazham”.


Total lipid (fat)g0.23
Carbohydrate, by differenceg15.56
Calcium, Camg19
Iron, Femg0.19
Magnesium, Mgmg15
Phosphorus, Pmg17
Potassium, Kmg79
Sodium, Namg14
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg14.3
Vitamin B-6mg0.038
Vitamin B-12µg0
Vitamin A, RAEµg0
Vitamin A, IUIU3
Fatty acids, total transg0
Source:USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

1. Skin Care
Antioxidant-rich foods help treat many skin diseases. Jamun is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, and other antioxidants which helps to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing oxidative stress and lowering inflammation levels.
2. Protects Heart
Regular eating of Jamun fruit or juice will help with high blood pressure, as the fruit contains notable levels of potassium, which is a vasodilator and reduces your risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks.
3. Weight Loss
Jamun is low in calories which helps to weight loss. Plus, it is also a source of dietary fibre, so it helps to optimize digestion as well. Hence Jamun is an addition to all weight-loss diets.
4. Jamun leaves treat ulcers
Eating Jamun leaves is good for treating digestive disorders. Chewing and eating of Jamun leaves are good in treating diarrhoea and ulcers. Jamun leaves have great significance in ayurvedic medicine. Jamun helps to prevent liver diseases such as necrosis and fibrosis. The presence of phytochemicals and biochemical substances like polyphenol in black plum acts like an anti-cancer substance. If Jamun is taken with roasted cumin powder and black salt it solves the acidity problem.
5. Natural Blood Purifier
Jamun is a natural blood purifier due to the presence of iron in it. It ensures that oxygenated blood with enough haemoglobin reaches the various parts of the body. This keeps any skin-related problems at bay. Clear skin is a sign of pure blood. Even applying a paste of the powder of Jamun seeds helps to reduce acne and chances of recurrences reduce.
6. Aids Digestion
Jamun helps in curing digestive ailments like diarrhoea, indigestion, dysentery, and dyspepsia. The powder of the bark and seeds of this plant also regulate the body for healthy bowel movements and eliminating wastes at regular intervals. The juice of the fruit induces saliva production which in turn helps to break down food faster and making the digestion easier.
7. Teeth care
Jamun fruit has been proven to be effective in teeth care due to the presence of Vitamin C in it. Maintaining healthy gum and teeth. Vitamin C attribute in healing wounds has been proven to prevent bleeding gums. Jamun antibacterial property also helps to keep away bacteria that can invade and damage our teeth. Astringent in Jamun also rid of bad breath problems.
8. Treating asthma
Boiled 15 grams of this fruit’s whole. Allow to cool it and then consume both the water and the fruits regularly three times a day. This practice has been believed in treating asthma.
9. Treats diabetes
one of the best fruits for diabetic patients is Jamun. Jamun seeds (dried and powdered) contain glucose called jambolana, which has the ability to control the conversion of starch into sugar. It also helps in reducing the quantity of sugar in the urine. If 1 teaspoon Jamun powder was taken twice a day is good for diabetic patients.
10. Fights anaemia and fatigue
Jamun contains a rich source of iron and hence became a natural remedy for anaemia. Because of the presence of abundant iron, Jamun also gives relief from body weakness and fatigue.
1. Choose the full-bloomed soft, pulpy, dark purple ones. Avoid buying the shrink and, very hard textured or the under ripped ones.
2. Jamun juice along with curd is good against digestive problems.
3. It protects you from cold and acts as an anti-aging agent.
4. Jamun juice enhances your immune system.
5. Applying a mixture of its seed with milk, on the skin, reduces acne drastically.
6. Jamun juice is beneficial in treating piles and haemorrhoids.
1. Roadside Jamun should be avoided as it may be contaminated from lead and heavy metals.
2. Pregnant as well as a breast-feeding mother should avoid Jamun.
3. Since Jamun lowers blood sugar; therefore, one should not eat Jamun before and after two weeks of surgery.
4. Eating of Jamun empty stomach should be avoided.
5. Eating of excess Jamun leads to body aches and fever.
6. The Heavy dose of Jamun may cause cough and accumulation of sputum in the lungs.