Agrometeorology is an interdisciplinary and holistic study that uses the weather and climate information to help farmers to increase crop production. It also helps to enhance or expand the variety of agricultural crops. Not only it helps the farmers to manage their crops but it also supports other fields like horticulture, animal husbandry and forestry.
Agrometereology utilizes information on soil physics, soil chemistry, plant systems, biosphere, atmosphere, hydrology, meteorology, crop physiology, animal physiology, phenology, agronomy and their inter-related sensitivities and their cause-effect relationships.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has established the TamilNadu Agriculture Weather Network (TAWN) which helps people with real time weather.

Real time weather information is very important for farmers to make data-driven decisions for crop management with proactive risk control. TAWN provides accurate weather forecasting and other weather-related information at high spatial and temporal resolution. TAWN has a total of 385 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) at block level, which is a very dense network. The Government of Tamil Nadu has funded this initiative under National Agricultural Development Project (NADP). TAWN was established by the Agro Climate Research Centre (ACRC), Directorate of Crop Management (DCM), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore in collaboration with Department of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu.

In the network, 10 types of agricultural related weather parameters from 385 AWS are collected at hourly interval and hosted in this website.

For Coimbatore District Weather data (daily mean till 8.30 AM), CLICK