Traditionally, human labour and working animals have carried out the agricultural activities. Mechanised agriculture is the answer to replace the man/animal based labour with an aim to improve production, productivity and profitability in agriculture. It also helps to bring the produce on time and manage inputs with high precision in improved utilization. This demands for machines with right capacity, precision, energy efficient and reliability. Mechanization uses an intermediate device to transform motion from rotary to linear and to provide mechanical advantage such as speed increase or decrease or leverage.


  • Tractors and Trailers
  • Pumps
  • Soil Cultivation
  • Planting
  • Fertilizing
  • Pest Control
  • Irrigation
  • Produce Sorter
  • Harvesting
  • Post-Harvesting
  • Hay Making
  • Loading

Tractors are basic mechanized item in a modern farm that generates power that can be used to perform various tasks by attaching implements. Most common implements are tillers, planters. Implements that are used for tillage help loosening the soil, killing weeds. Offset disks are used to turn over the soil and chisels are used to gain the depth needed to retain moisture. Planters are used to sow seeds with desired spaces in long rows. Certain crops are planted using drills. Transplanters are used to transplant seedlings to the field.Certain implements are used to remove the weeds, apply fertilisers and pesticides.


Based on the type of crop you produce and the type of work you think would arise in your farm, you should decide on the equipment. The following are necessary equipment for crop production right from tillage, planting, fertilizing, harvesting to loading.

Tractor and implements
While selecting a tractor before you purchase, you should consider the type of work you think you would be doing with it on your farm. Based on the type of work, you need to select the horse power of the tractor. Along with a tractor, certain implements like mould board plough, trailer, cultivator, cage wheel, disc harrow, seed drill are really necessary.

Power Tiller/ Small Tractor
A power tiller is needed if you are planning to till and puddle small wet lands, especially for paddy cultivation.

Pumpset with accessories
If you do not have common reservoir driven irrigation, then having a Water Pump is the most important one to supply water to plants.

Power thresher
A multipurpose power thresher will be of great help for the speedier collection of clean grains after harvesting. This also prevents any post harvest losses.

A Power Winnower can be used to separate grains from chaff.

Self-Propelled Reaper
Self Propelled Reaper can be used for harvesting field crops like paddy, wheat, soybean etc.

A Manual and a power operated sprayers can be used to spray insecticides and pesticides with less waste within a small amount of time.

Do not forget to insure your farm equipment against theft and accident.